Green College, Center for World Solidarity

Paddy Cultivator, Sericulturist & Lac Cultivator

Girdih, Jharkhand

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Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) and Abhivyakti Foundation (AVF) have jointly initiated the green college (GC) program in Bengabad and Gandey blocks of Giridih and Devipur, Madhupur and Margomunda blocks of Deoghar district, Jharkhand on January 2016. There are total 105604 households in the all five blocks of the project area, in which average Schedule Tribe (ST) and Schedule Caste (SC) population 16 and 12 percent respectively. Average literacy rate is about 60 per cent.

CWS/AVF Green College has taken up courses for skill development of rural youths on agriculture and allied activities. There are courses on Sustainable Agriculture Practitioner, Paddy Farming, Lac Cultivation, Integrated Aquaculture, Dairy Farmer, Food Processing, Sericulture and Backyard poultry. Courses in the Green College have been identified and handpicked very carefully to suit the need of the rural youth in the area. About 80 percent of population in Jharkhand depends on rain fed agriculture and practice mono cropping. They mainly follow traditional cultivation practices which limit their productivity and income. It also compromises the quality of the produce. Secondly average landholding is 2 to 2.5 acre in the area; more than 70% farmers are marginal farmers. Status of skilled manpower is very poor in the state, appropriate provisions in the existing structures and policy at the state level for addressing the skill development requirement of the rural youths are presently non-existing. The focus of the central and state government in promoting skill development for the industrial sector, which is essential but at the same time skill development is also required in the agriculture and allied activity sector, about 38.5% of the employed persons are cultivators and 28.2% are agriculture labour as compared to 4.3% of industrial workers. Therefore the need and scope for the skilled manpower in the agriculture sector is required and CWS/AVF Green College with their core competency in promotion of agri-related skills in rural Jharkhand have initiated this program.             

Sustainable Agriculture Practitioner (60 Days)

Paddy Farming (30 Days)

Lac Cultivation (15 Days)

Integrated Aquaculture (30 Days)

Dairy Farmer (60 Days)

Food Processing on Jackfruit, Mahua, Mango & Tamarind

Sericulture (30 Days)

Backyard poultry & Duckery Entrepreneur (30 Days)

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