Green College, NEEDS

Floriculture, Dairy entrepreneur, Agriculture Extension service provider

Deoghar, Jharkhand

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Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support [NEEDS] has set up a Green College by utilizing the existing training facilities available at Sarwa, in Deoghar district of Jharkhand State. 750 rural youths from the disadvantage communities will be systematically trained over a period of two years by the Green College. Half of the trainees will be female. Out of the 750 trainees 500 will be trained through short duration courses(15 days – 1 Month) and 250 in medium duration courses(3-6 Months) across various rural professions around sustainable agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, processing of agro and forest produces etc. 30 high potential youth will be further trained to setup their own farm as Farmer Field Schools(FFS) with technical support from International Competence Center for Organic Agriculture(ICCOA).The 30 FFS will further train 2500 small holder farmers using group based learning methods. At least 70% trainees will be able to utilize the learning received through training and post training mentoring from Green College and FFS to establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs earning an incremental income of INR 18000 per year. The Green College will be expected to become financially sustainable through income from training fees, government programs, private donors or CSR. At least one value chain will be analyzed and progressively developed, including development of a producer collective and training of around 125 high potential individuals (traders, producers, processors) across the value chain. The Green College is affiliated by Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) and therefore the courses offered at the Green College will be also certified by ASCI.

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Coming Soon...

Green College made a difference and brought smile of farmers/trainees face, they were trained in Green College in floriculture with the hope to gain maximum advantages. With support of Line department NEEDS Green College is success to provide input support like seeds, plants, fertilizers and pesticide to farmers, now these things happen and can be seen in field. Farmers believed in Green College teaching pedagogy which would help them to change traditional farming to floriculture farming benefits. Now they are doing floriculture in their field replacing maize cultivation.