Green College - DRCSC

Sal Leaf Products, Babui Grass Handicrafts & Integrated Aquaculturist

Dubrajpur, Jhargram, West Bengal

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The community college can provide accommodation to 30 youths, separate arrangement for male and female trainees, in fully equipped dormitory with local food, library facilities, two conference halls, space for co-curricular cultural activities. Apart from this, reading and writing practices are arranged for those who have been dropped out of school for a long time. The course curriculum has been designed with perfect blend of hands on practical training mostly in field as well as classroom orientation to offer comprehensive understanding of a particular trade.  On the other hand, this training center also consists with Bio-lab with latest technology, Cat-fish breading infrastructure, more than 2 acres of demonstration land and an herbal garden.

Natural resources are plenty in the area with abundance of forest produce to offer ample scope of earning, utilizing the locally available natural resources such as Babui, Sal leaf. A vast patch of agricultural land in Paschim Medinipur District is rain fed and agricultural engagement remains only for couple of months in a year. To expand the agricultural seasoned profitable farming through cost effective way, new techniques, knowledge and skills are being applied.

Paschim Medinipur , a semi-arid district is abundant with good number of perennial as well as non-perennial water bodies, but fishery, which has tremendous income generating potentiality with scope of engaging good number of rural youths, is completely neglected in this part of the world.

In dry zone, there is no dearth of livestock but livestock management staring from feeding, habitation, and vaccination to proper breed selection is least priority to the most of the people engaged in animal rearing. As a result animal health is dismal which a stumble block to make this occupation profitable one.  

Advance Courses (Duration – 60 days)


Sustainable Agriculture Practitioner                                                            

Backyard Small Ruminants and Poultry Entrepreneur

Integrated Aqua-culturist

Entrepreneur on Sal Leaf Products 

Entrepreneur on Handicrafts (Babui Grass)


Basic Courses (Duration – 15 to 30 days)


Backyard Small Ruminants and Poultry Entrepreneur (Rabbit)

Entrepreneur on Sal Leaf Products

Backyard Poultry and Duckery Entrepreneur

Nursery Entrepreneur

Bio-input Producer

Commercial Vegetable Garden

Paddy Farmers


ASCI Affiliated Courses 


Paddy Farmers


Micro Irrigation Technician