Patheya Green College - DRCSC

Babui Grass Products, Sal Leaf Products & Neera Technician

Bolpur, West Bengal

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PATHEYA Green college, based in Bolpur town is catering to the need of rural youths, who are joining the training centre surrounding 100 km periphery not only from Birbhum district but also form adjacent Bardhaman district. Our community college can provide accommodation to 30 youths, separate arrangement for male and female trainees, in fully equipped dormitory with local food, library facilities, two conference halls, space for co-curricular cultural activities and basic internet facility in the campus. Besides, all trainees are given basic computer training free of cost along with a pre vocational training where fundamental orientation of the simple arithmetic for basic calculation, reading and writing practices are arranged for those who have been dropped out of school for a long time. The course curriculum has been designed with perfect blend of hands on practical training mostly in field as well as classroom orientation to offer comprehensive understanding of a particular trade.


Natural resources are plenty in the area with abundance of forest produce to offer ample scope of earning, utilizing the locally available natural resources such as Babui, sal leaf , Palmyra and Date Palm under non-timber forests’ products. A vast patch of agricultural land in Birbhum district is rain fed and agricultural engagement remains only for couple of months in a year. To expand the agricultural season and also to make farming profitable by reducing the cost of farming, knowledge and skill for applying new techniques are need of the hour. Birbhum, a semi arid district is abundant with good number of perennial as well as non perennial water bodies, but fishery, which has tremendous income generating potentiality with scope of engaging good number of rural youths, is completely neglected in this part of the world.


In dry zone, there is no dearth of livestock but livestock management staring from  feeding , habitation,  vaccination to proper breed selection is least priority to the most of the people  engaged in animal rearing .As a result animal health is dismal which a stumble block to make this occupation profitable one. The product of Palmyra and Date palm is unique itself as it can offer diversified products which has huge potentiality in the market, unexplored yet, by tapping large number of trees available in this district .These products can generate approximate 210 days of   employment opportunities in a year for rural youth, many of them have basic knowledge and skill of producing a specific product but completely in dark in matter of diversified product and its market potentiality.  

Advance Courses (Duration – 60 days)


Sustainable Agriculture Practitioner                                                            

Backyard Small Ruminants and Poultry Entrepreneur

Integrated Aqua culturist

Neera Technician (Date & Palmyra Palm) 

Entrepreneur on Sal Leaf Products 

Entrepreneur on Handicrafts (Babui Grass)


Basic Courses (Duration – 15 to 30 days)


Backyard Small Ruminants and Poultry Entrepreneur (Rabbit)

Entrepreneur on Sal Leaf Products

Backyard Poultry and Duckery Entrepreneur

Nursery Entrepreneur

Bio-input Producer

Commercial Vegetable Garden

Paddy Farmers


ASCI Affiliated Courses 


Paddy Farmers


Micro Irrigation Technician

Patheya Green college has been instrumental in bringing change in attitude towards entrepreneurship among rural youth on Natural Resource Management based themes not only in Birbhum but also in its’ adjacent District Bardhaman. Previously all skill development trainings were designed in such a way that the trainings were either completely free of cost with provision for travel allowance or there were provision for stipend to the trainees. Community College is a marked shift from these school of thoughts. Probably this is for the first time rural youths show their interest to join a paid skill development training course.


Around 400 trainees have passed out from Bolpur community college and most of them are successfully engaged in small and micro entrepreneurship in their native place. The skill development training has not only helped them to enhance their income considerably but also helped to reduce migration of the rural youth who were earlier aloof about potentiality of the natural resources to strengthen rural economy. It is also noteworthy, one trainee, engaged in entrepreneurship, works as a catalyst to engage more number of youths in any given enterprise. A successful entrepreneur is not only helping his/ her family with enhanced income but also working as an inspiration for others who dream of starting income in their native land with the aspiration of better life and self-respect. As a result, many rural youth are enrolling themselves in various skill development courses of Bolpur Community college, being motivated by observing successful entrepreneurship in their vicinity. 


"I noticed real growth of fishes in my pond after applying the processes I learnt during Pond Based Agriculture training from Bolpur Community College. My fish farming has improved and now I am able to produce more number of fishes. My earning has increase from Rs. 2200/- to 6,200/- per month." 

Sandip Ghosh






I have started earning 2 to 3 times more than before jumping to Rs.15000/- from Rs.5000/- per month. My training on animal Rearing and Health has made me much more confident and I want to enhance volume of enterprise in near future.


- Indrajit Adhikary

Vocational Training increase the income from livestock rearing 


Ms. Sumitra Kisku a 27 age young tribal girl, living at Neemboni village of Illambazer Block. She was involved in household management and work as agricultural laborer. She has aim to do livestock rearing as business.  She had livestock before but not so profitable as livestock died in mysterious diseases. Then she heard about the vocational training courses on Animal Rearing and Health of Bolpur Community College. She had taken decision for admission. Her training was started from 15th November 2014 and ended 8th November 2015. 

During training,she got knowledge on animal disease; animal care, treatment etc and she specialized on animal rearing and care. She has constructed different shed for different animals and started rearing with the small numbers.Now she has 4 cows, 6 goat, 33 ducks, 40 hens and 2 rabbit (supported by DRCSC). For her initiatives, her family income increases from livestock. Her family got Rs.18500/- from pigs, Rs.6000/-from hen and Rs.7000/- from duck, Rs.8000/-from goat annually.She is now pleased to being part of Bolpur community college. She believed that this training has changes her life. She has planned to increase the livestock in future. 


Vocational skills transformed a semi-skilled person into veterinary practitioner 


Biswajit Ruidas, a trainee of Animal Rearing and Health training course, 4th Batch of Bolpur Community College who is a 34 age youth, living at Kalyanpurdangal, Dubrajpur Block of Birbhum district. He has a family of 4 members. He had passed H.S examination. After his school education, he was involved in agriculture as ancient subsisted based livelihood. He was searching for a livelihood option for better living. After that, he heard about vocational training courses at Bolpur Community College and took decision for admission.

On 26th November 2015, he attended the first class of Animal Rearing and Health training course under Community College project. From this training, he leant about scientific method of animal care, construction of animal shed, animal feed and fodder cultivation, animal treatment, vaccination, reproduction, animal disease, artificial insemination etc. 

During the training period, he has started his practice of animal treatment that’s make him famous among the neighborhood villages. On 12th June 2016, after finishing his course and his certification from Bolpur community college, he has started practice in full swing. Now he is earning Rs.500/- per day from his practice of animal care and treatment. Currently he is earns Rs.11000/-per monthly.

Presently he is providing services to 1350 households of 8-9 villages. He prepared advertising materials for display for increasing visibility of his services. He has also made good relationship with the villagers that help him for better income. He is now very thankful to Bolpur Community College to provide him the opportunity of secured honorable livelihood option at the village level.