What are Green Colleges?

What are Green Colleges?

Green Colleges are community based institutions offering short-term and medium-term skill development courses on Agriculture & Allied and Clean Energy Sectors. Green colleges have the state of the art facilities of class-rooms, practical’s space, demonstration plots, lodging & dining facilities enabling an effective learning environment. Green colleges are supported by prominent Civil Society Organizations who already have an experienced team & traction with various communities at the grass root level. These Colleges offer courses for preservation and up-gradation of traditional skills available with the people by virtue of their profession or geographical location or caste. Such traditional skills are being recognized and certified appropriately. Courses are designed to upgrade the traditionally available skills to a certifiable level so that the certified skills of the learner are acceptable nationally. These Colleges are also acting as catalyst centers for developing and propagating the traditional skills of the community on commercially viable basis. Besides preparing skilled workforce for the market, these Colleges are paying equal attention to the development of entrepreneurship in the community. In our country, forestry, agriculture, and allied and other traditional skill sectors are largely served by the unskilled or semi-skilled workforce. Special focus on skill development of this workforce through these colleges are not only boosting the growth of economy by increasing their productivity but also lead to distributive justice and equity through increased income of this workforce, which is very large in number.

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